Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It is the list of height of top 10 tallest bollywood actors.

1) Arunodah Singh   6 feet 4 inches

2) Abhishekh Bachan   6 feet 3 inches

3) Amitabh Bachan  6 feet 2.5 inches

4) Sidhatrh Malhotra  6 feet 2.2 inches


5) Arjun Rampal  6 feet 2 inches

6)AKSHAY KUMAR   ( 6 feet 1 inch)

7)ZAYED KHAN   (6 feet 0.5 inch)

8)BOBY DEOL   (6 feet 0.2 inch)

9)IRFAN KHAN   (6 feet)

10)RANBIR KAPOOR  (5 feet 11.5 inches)

Some interesting information about bollywood you may not know:

*Sholay won only one award even its huge success.

*Dil Wale Dulhanya Le Gaye Ge has one the most number of awards till now.

*Mera Nam Joker is the first Hindi movie to have two intervals.
*The word Bollywood has been added to the Oxford English dictionary.
*Salman Khan likes to collect soaps .He has a collection of soaps in his bathroom.

*Akshay akumar is superstitious . Before writing anything,he writes  OM on page.

*Hirithik Roshan loves to collect photographs .He always has camera with him going outside.

*Like Hirtik Roshan .Meena Kumari also had six fingers on his right hand.

*Aishwarya Rai pet name is GULLU and Salman Khan pet name is SALLU.

*Anil Kapoor family stayed in Raj Kapoor garage ,when they first came to Mumbai.

*Amir Khan once shaved off his hair because a girl rejected him.

*Dev Anand picks up his films titles and story lines from newspapers.

*Amitabh Bachan is agreat fan of Brazilian soccer players.

*Amir Khan was supposed to play the role of MAX in JOSH.

*The success of Bollywood films is 15 to 20 percent a year.

*Shamita shetty holds a diploma in fashion designing.

*Sushmita sen loves animals.She has a bsnake as pet.

*Shahrukh Khan loves to play with remote control cars.

*Akshay akumar used to work as chef in Bankok.

*Sholay total budget was 3  crores.

*both Sridevi and Juhi Chawla daughters name is Jhanvi.